Butterfly grew up with food intolerances and was diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger's
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This is the story of how we have faced these challenges.

Autism and Vaccines

The debate rages on, because, we are told, a researcher lied. Of course, if true, this only makes his methods questionable, not the theory. Yet immediately there emerges those who would throw out the baby with the bath water and those who will rub salt in a wound by demanding that others “admit” that a researcher lied. Huh? Even if I knew whether or not the researcher in question really did lie, I cannot “admit” any wrong doing except that which I have done myself. One cannot “admit” that someone else has done wrong. One can only wonder of it’s so.

Certainly, people have been condemned as liars, traitors, and whatever before, and history has vindicated, justified, or discovered conspiracy... or whatever. Or indeed, not. Regardless of truth and outcome, demanding of disappointed people that they admit something they cannot, is just the sort of nonsense that’s sure to create a wider chasm between factions of people who should be working together.

Truth? The only innocents in this controversy are the children who’ve been adversely affected by vaccines, possibly either causing or contributing to autism. I’m not a doctor or a scientist and I’ve said it before, I honestly don’t know if that vaccine given to my baby daughter “caused” her autism, or if it was just the first toxin to “contribute” to it by... say... breaching a flawed blood brain barrier that she was born with, for example. Nor do I believe there is only one cause of autism, and I think it’s passing stupid for people to carry on as if there must be. I mean, if you know for sure that there is only one cause (fact, not opinion) and you know for sure what it is, speak up. Otherwise, back off.

There are two things that many people do that really piss me off:

1) Establishing “exclusive” theories where inappropriate ~ one almighty truth that necessarily negates all others, at least in their little minds.

2) Neatly categorizing others into safe little boxes tied with their strange mental ribbon that binds everyone into “groups” for their own inane convenience, as in “I’ve found that people who believe the vaccine theory.....” Yep, let’s go ahead and “lump” each other, hence ensuring that we break up into “sides,” rather than just being people with different experiences and perspectives.

I have read some of the information about this ongoing debate. Mercifully, I don’t remember much of it. I’m old, ill, have other things on my mind, and didn’t believe anything would come of it at the get-go. As helpful as it would be to a lot of struggling parents to have a scholarly evaluation of the issue competently done, it’s just not going to happen. Not in this society, with different special interests squared off against each other as they are and will continue to be. And as long as people affected by autism and the medical community are engaged in hot debate, the powers that be, corporate and political, can easily forestall any fair, sane, accurate study of the role of vaccines in autism as long as they want to. And of course they want to, because finding any culpability would be very expensive for corporations and governments alike. And it always comes down to the Almighty Buck.

Let’s take a little look at human history. We were sent so many gifted teachers to guide us: Bridget, Beatrice, Buddha, Vishnu, Krishna, Mohammad, Jesus, Ghandi, Teresa... just to name some. And what did humans do? Instead of learning from them all, we squared off into groups and each picked ONE. Sure, some of these teachers fell by the wayside and disappeared into the sands of time, and others emerged as “leaders” as opposed to teachers, apparently given to us for the purpose of fighting with each other over which one is right. But wait! They all had similar messages! They were ALL against violence! Yet we march to war and kill in their names! They were ALL for compassion, yet we choose to ignore that lesson, divide ourselves into “sides,” and FIGHT! It seems to be what humans do. I guess it’s too hard to just help and respect each other.

Conclusion: I can only bear witness to that to which I actually bore witness: my bright-eyed baby lost part of who she was after being vaccinated. This is what I know. And I have spent the last 18 years or so of my life dealing with the resultant challenges without a lot of help. I will continue to do so as long as I am able. This is just my life and I do my best to live it as well as I can. And all I can suggest to other parents, whether or not vaccines played a role in your child’s challenges, is follow your own instincts, deal with your own child’s specific needs, and do your level best. It’s all we can do.

Studies? Research lies? Rich corporations who will fight an unfavourable outcome forever? And people. Bah. What a species.

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